Barbro Maria Andersen

Psychologist, Graduated from University of Bergen 1992.

Clinical Specialist in Psychology in 1998.

Certified in EMDR I and II, by Solomon from 2002.

Certified as Somatic Experiencing Practitioner from 2007 (SEP)

Certification Trainer in Trauma Releasing Excercises from 2011 and 2014.

Current: Working in a private practice in Homansbyen, Oslo, Norway.     

Partner in Somatic Experiencing Instituttet Norge DA . We are offering trainings in SE, masterclasses and Postadvanced seminars.

Working experience:

August 1992- August 1993: Betanien Hospital in Bergen working with out- and inpatient adult psychiatric clients. Doing supervision and teaching.

August 1993-February 1994:  Sandviken University Hospital, Bergen, Åsane District Psychiatric Center. Working in an outpatient clinic as clinical psychologist. Adult clients. 

February 1994-March 1996: Karmøy county, working as a pedagogic psychologist and consultant: Tasks: Consultations, testing, treatments and supervision.

April 1996 - march 1999: Ullevål University Hospital, Oslo, Dep. of Dikemark. Psychiatric Hospital: Clinical psychologist in an inpatient clinic. Tasks: Psychotherapy and differential diagnosing psychosis, schizofrenia, ptsd and personality disorders.  Supervising and teaching.

April 1999 - October 2000: National Center of Epilepsy in Norway: Tasks: Neuropsychological testing, differential diagnosing of epileptic syndromes, psychotherapy, supervision, teaching and consultation in the whole country.

October 2000-March 2001: Buskerud Hospital, Drammen: Project in  Pain Clinic. Tasks: Project: Making a bodyoriented grouptreatment in a daycare for pain clients, doing differential diagnosing and psychotherapy.

September 2002-May 2003: Aker University Hospital. Oslo. Working 50 % as a Special Psychologist in a Psychiatric Rehabilitation on Furuset District Psychiatric Center: Tasks: Diff. diagnosing, psychotherapy, supervision and teaching.

December 2000- Until now: Private Practice in Oslo full time, Avtalespesialist I Helse Sør-Øst.  Seeing 20-25 clients every week.

2009-: Partner in Traumeheling Norge DA : Organize, supervise and train Somatic Experiencing students in Norway.  The first 26 SEP are sertified March 2012.  Offering Introductory workshops in SE.

2011-: Offering trainings on TRE   as Certification Trainer.  Offering Mentoring, teaching , learning therapy and supervise

2003 until now: Working in Oslo in a private practice in Homansbyen

September 2013-: Offering training in Brainspotting with David Grand Phd.

2019- until now: Established Somatic Experiencing Instituttet Norge DA. Offering trainings in SE-Method developed by Peter Levine in Somatic Experiencing Instituttet Norge DA


1985-1992 : University of Bergen:  Cand Psychol.

1992: 24 hours of training at University in Bergen in  "Clinical Hypnosis". Teacher Gunnar Rosen and Bjørn Wormnes.

1998: Specialist in Clinical Psychology, working with adults. Trained by Prof. Jon Monsen in psychodynamic oriented psychotherapy.

1998-2001: Several courses and supervision : trained in the Clinical Speciality of   Neuropsychology  arranged by The Norwegian Association of Psychology.

2001: WS. Three days ws with Maggie Philips, Phd and Psychologist: Oslo, Norway: Finding the energy to heal.

2001: Trained as Reiki Master 1 and 2. And Karuna Reiki.

2001: Participated and finished   EMDR-training I and II with Roger Solomon Phd. Oslo, Norway, organized by psykologspesialist Bjørn Aasen (Rapid eye movement and desensitization) 

1996-2003: 7 years of training in Bioenergetic Analysis + attending additional bioenergetic workshops. Not yet sertified bioenergetic therapist.  Coordinating the training: Int trainer Ph. D. Phil Helfaer. Also trained by Int. trainers Ildrid Bie Quinn, David Campbell, Ben Shapiro and Heiner Steckel.   

2004-2007: Training in Somatic Experiencing in Denmark.  Sertified Somatic experiencing Practitioner. (SEP) Int. trainers: Diane Poole Heller, Raja Selvam.

2006: Workshop: 4 day training Ellert Nijenhuis, Working with Treatment of Structural Dissociation of the Personality. (DID-clients)

October 2007:  Mindfulness workshop in Esalen, California. Learning Mindfulness combined with vinyasa-yoga. Trainers: Jon Kabat-Zinn and his daughter Nausheon Kabat-Zinn.

1991-2009. Different courses and for many years practice in Hathayoga and meditation. Teachers from The Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation school in Bergen and Norwegian Yoga school in Oslo.

2008 until now: Workshops With dr. David Berceli in Denmark and Norway: Trauma releasing exercises (TRE) Certified TRE International Trainer.  Organizing workshops and teach  : TRE-Exercises Program Module I and 2  In Norway.  TRE for all Homepage

2009-2011: Assisting at the Somatic Experiencing training in Holland as a junior assistant.

2011, April: Mindfulness workshop in Oslo: Two days: Jon Kabat -Zinn.

2011, May:  Hosted and organized / participated at Stephen Porges and Sue Carters Seminar: Clinical Implications of the Polyvagall Theory Oslo Norway  4 days (by Traumeheling Norge DA)

2012, June:  5 days of Post advanced SE-training with dr. Peter Levine. Working with energy wells . Denmark.

2013: June 6 days of Post advanced SE-training with dr. Peter Levine. Eye of the needle. Working SE with birth and near death traumas, narcosis and coma states.

2012-2014: Brainspotting Trainings : Attended Phase I, II, III and 2 x 5 days Intensive :  An integration of SE and EMDR as a trauma treatment method. (David Grand) Edinburgh, Berlin, Glasgow and NYC. Certified BSP Trainer.

2013 March: Workshop: Brainspotting,  Working with Egostates  and Disossiation with Lisa Schwarz. CRM training.

2013 to 2014: 8 day training with Ellert Nijenhuis, phd: #Working with the treatment of clients with Structural Dissociation of their Personality" organized by the Center of Crisis Psychology Norway, Bergen. (treatment of Complex ptsd, DID, Desnos ) Book: “The Haunted self”

2013: October: 3 day training with Liz Koch Stalking the Wild Psoas in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014: November, 3 day training with Maggie Philips, phd in "Ego State Therapy and Somatic Experiencing". Bonn Germany

2016 August: Postadvanced SE-training with Peter Levine, Weggis Switzerland 4 days: "Bones and Viscera"

2017 August:  Postadvanced SE-training with Peter Levine, Weggis Switzerland 4 days: "Eye Work, Viscera and Bones"

2018 June: Postadvanced SE-training 3 days , Helsingør with Peter Levine: "Shame and Pride"

2019 October: "Introduction to animal assisted interventions": 3 days organized by Norges miljø - og biovitenskapelige Universitet (NMBU). 

2019 May-November: 8 days of "Ego state Therapy" training in Gothenburg organized by the Swedish Hypnosis Organization / Ego State International. leg. psyk. Susanna Carolusson, Hedda Sandemose with others.

2022 August: Postadvanced SE-Training with Peter Levine, Weggis Switzerland 4 days: "From pattern to Inner Clarity"

October 2022-March 2023: "One Year of Hypnosis Training": 8 days organized by the Norwegian Association of Clinical Evidence based Hypnosis.

Membership in Organizations:

The Norwegian Association of Psychologists, The Norwegian Association of Somatic Experiencing, The European Society of Trauma and Dissociation, the Norwegian Association of Clinical Evidencebased  Hypnosis, Norwegian Association of Behaviour medicine and Health Psychology and Egostate International.

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