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Barbro Maria Andersen

Psychologist, Graduated from University in Bergen 1992. Cand. Psychol.


Specialist in Clinical Psychology working with adults in 1998.

Trained in EMDR I and II, by Solomon in 2002.

Certified as Somatic Experiencing Practitioner from 2007 (SEP) Senioar assisting on all  levels since 2012.

Certification Trainer in Trauma Releasing Excercises from 2011.

2019-2023: Trained in Ego state therapy and Clinical Hypnosis.

Current: Working in a private practice in Akersveien and in Smertemedisinsk Institutt, Oslo, Norway.     

Partner in Somatic Experiencing Instituttet Norge DA . We are offering trainings in SE, masterclasses and Postadvanced seminars.

Working experience:

August 1992- August 1993: Betanien Hospital in Bergen working with out- and inpatient adult psychiatric clients. Doing supervision and teaching.

August 1993-February 1994:  Sandviken University Hospital, Bergen, Åsane District Psychiatric Center. Working in an outpatient clinic as clinical psychologist. Adult clients. 

February 1994-March 1996: Karmøy county, working as a pedagogic psychologist and consultant: Tasks: Consultations, testing, treatments and supervision.

April 1996 - march 1999: Ullevål University Hospital, Oslo, Dep. of Dikemark. Psychiatric Hospital: Clinical psychologist in an inpatient clinic. Tasks: Psychotherapy and differential diagnosing psychosis, schizofrenia, ptsd and personality disorders.  Supervising and teaching.

April 1999 - October 2000: National Center of Epilepsy in Norway: Tasks: Neuropsychological testing, differential diagnosing of epileptic syndromes, psychotherapy, supervision, teaching and consultation in the whole country.

October 2000-March 2001: Buskerud Hospital, Drammen: Project in  Pain Clinic. Tasks: Project: Making a bodyoriented grouptreatment in a daycare for pain clients, doing differential diagnosing and psychotherapy.

September 2002-May 2003: Aker University Hospital. Oslo. Working 50 % as a Special Psychologist in a Psychiatric Rehabilitation on Furuset District Psychiatric Center: Tasks: Diff. diagnosing, psychotherapy, supervision and teaching.

December 2000- February 2023: Private Practice in Oslo full time, Avtalespesialist I Helse Sør-Øst. Seeing 20-25 clients every week.

2009-2019: Partner in Traumeheling Norge DA : Organize, supervise and train Somatic Experiencing students in Norway. The first 26 SEP sertified March 2012.  Teaching and offering Introductory workshops in SE.  Founded and grounded SE-Instituttet 2019 that follow up the SE-training. 

2011-: Offering trainings on TRE   as Certification Trainer.  Offering Mentoring, teaching , learning therapy and supervise

2019- until now: Established Somatic Experiencing Instituttet Norge DA. Offering trainings in SE-Method developed by Peter Levine in Somatic Experiencing Instituttet Norge DA

September 2013-: Offering training in Brainspotting with David Grand Phd.

2015-2019: Organizing training in Somatic Ego-State Therapy with Maggie Phillips phd.

February 2023 until now: Working in a private practice in Akersveien 21 in Oslo

March 2023: Part time work in Smertemedisinsk Institutt in Oslo, Majorstuen. 


1985-1992 : University of Bergen:  Cand Psychol.

1992: 24 hours of training at University in Bergen in  "Clinical Hypnosis". Teacher Gunnar Rosen and Bjørn Wormnes.

1998: Specialist in Clinical Psychology, working with adults. Trained by Prof. Jon Monsen in psychodynamic oriented psychotherapy.

1998-2001: Several courses and supervision : trained in the Clinical Speciality of   Neuropsychology  arranged by The Norwegian Association of Psychology.

2001: Trained as Reiki Master 1 and 2 And Karuna Reiki.

2002: WS. Three days ws with Maggie Philips, Phd and Psychologist: Oslo, Norway: Finding the energy to heal. Organized by Norwe. assoc for Clinical Evidence based Hypnosis and Forum fort  Character Analysis.

2002: Participated and finished   EMDR-training I and II with Roger Solomon Phd. Oslo, Norway, organized by psykologspesialist Bjørn Aasen (Rapid eye movement and desensitization) 

1996-2003: 7 years of training in Bioenergetic Analysis + attending additional bioenergetic workshops. Not yet sertified bioenergetic therapist.  Coordinating the training: Int trainer Ph. D. Phil Helfaer. Also trained by Int. trainers Ildrid Bie Quinn, David Campbell, Ben Shapiro and Heiner Steckel.   

2004-2007: Training in Somatic Experiencing in Denmark.  Sertified Somatic experiencing Practitioner. (SEP) Int. trainers: Diane Poole Heller, Raja Selvam.

2006: Workshop: 4 day training Ellert Nijenhuis, Working with Treatment of Structural Dissociation of the Personality. (DID-clients)

October 2007:  Mindfulness workshop in Esalen, California. Learning Mindfulness combined with vinyasa-yoga. Trainers: Jon Kabat-Zinn and his daughter Nausheon Kabat-Zinn.

1991-2009. Different courses and for many years practice in Hathayoga and meditation. Teachers from The Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation school in Bergen and Norwegian Yoga school in Oslo.

2007 until now: Workshops With dr. David Berceli in Denmark and Norway: Trauma releasing exercises (TRE) Certified TRE International Trainer.  Organizing workshops and teach  : TRE-Exercises Program Module I and 2  In Norway.  TRE for all Homepage

2009-2011: Assisting at the Somatic Experiencing training in Holland as a junior assistant.

2011, April: Mindfulness workshop in Oslo: Two days: Jon Kabat -Zinn.

2011, May:  Hosted and organized / participated at Stephen Porges and Sue Carters Seminar: Clinical Implications of the Polyvagall Theory Oslo Norway  4 days (by Traumeheling Norge DA)

2012, June:  5 days of Post advanced SE-training with dr. Peter Levine. Working with energy wells . Denmark.

2013: June 6 days of Post advanced SE-training with dr. Peter Levine. Eye of the needle. Working SE with birth and near death traumas, narcosis and coma states.

2012-2014: Brainspotting Trainings : Attended Phase I, II, III and 2 x 5 days Intensive :  An integration of SE and EMDR as a trauma treatment method. (David Grand) Edinburgh, Berlin, Glasgow, Amsterdam and NYC. Certified as an International BSP Trainer.

2013 March: Workshop: Brainspotting,  Working with Egostates  and Disossiation with Lisa Schwarz. BSP and CRM training.

2013 to 2014: 8 day training with Ellert Nijenhuis, phd: "Working with the treatment of clients with Structural Dissociation of their Personality" organized by the Center of Crisis Psychology Norway, Bergen. (treatment of Complex ptsd, DID, Desnos ) Book: “The Haunted self”

2013: October: 3 day training with Liz Koch "Stalking the Wild Psoas" in Copenhagen, Denmark. Working with the psoas and continium method.

2014: November, 3 day training with Maggie Philips, phd in "Ego State Therapy and Somatic Experiencing". Bonn Germany

2016 August: Postadvanced SE-training with Peter Levine, Weggis Switzerland 4 days: "Bones and Viscera"

2017 August:  Postadvanced SE-training with Peter Levine, Weggis Switzerland 4 days: "Eye Work, Viscera and Bones"

2018 June: Postadvanced SE-training 3 days , Helsingør with Peter Levine: "Shame and Pride"

2019 October: "Introduction to animal assisted interventions": 3 days organized by Norges miljø - og biovitenskapelige Universitet (NMBU). 

2019 May-November: 8 days of "Ego state Therapy" training in Gothenburg organized by the Swedish Hypnosis Organization / Ego State International. leg. psyk. Susanna Carolusson, Hedda Sandemose with others.

2022 August: Postadvanced SE-Training with Peter Levine, Weggis Switzerland 4 days: "From pattern to Inner Clarity"

October 2022-March 2023: "One Year of Hypnosis Training": 8 days organized by the Norwegian Association of Clinical Evidence based Hypnosis.

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